Founder of Originate Clothing, Builds His Brand To Support Other Creatives in Colorado

Branden Whitfield —founder and creative of Originate Clothing — stands by the words “do what defines you.” This is why he has worked for the past nine years to create a brand that largely supports other creatives working hard to achieve their goals. Having built a community in Denver through his brand, Whitfield continues to spread his positive message through new collections.

The brand is described as “streetwear for creatives” as Whitfield and his team are constantly inspired by artists, creatives and originators. Originate Clothing features comfortable clothing like graphic t-shirts, hoodies and even some accessories. Whitfield talked to 303 Magazine about the creation of his brand, the inspiration behind some of his pieces and what the future looks like for Originate. 


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Thank you to 303 magazine for the support, check out their site for more local Denver community happenings.


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