What makes you an Originator?

I've never really fit in with one group. I find I've always been the kid that can be around everyone. Due to that I never fully latched on to styles based on who I was around or what was "popular". I simply find what I love and rock it. "Trend setter" isn't really something I identify as, but I cant deny I've done it successfully and accidentally. I just try and remain positive in any situation and just do ME. I create my hustle, and what defines me.

Tell us a little bit about what you do :).

I'm a Photographer based in Denver, Co. I'm in the business of Imagery. When I think about what it is "I Do" I like to think that i get the opportunity to take a moment, save it and share it as I saw and felt it. Whether it be something as simple as a car I think is beautiful to something as magical as a couples wedding day. Capturing that, is what I do.

What inspires what you do?

Personally I try to draw inspiration from everything I can take in. From movies to books, artwork to other photography. I have a deep love for many things and those are the things that manage to give me the most inspiration and drive to keep doing what I love. Music also provides more inspiration than I could ask for. Granted its not a visual art like photography, but show me any artist who says they aren't somehow inspired by music and I will show you a liar. I live among those who discuss what we cant yet see. I live for those who philosophize with details of doing and creating. Inspiration is Everywhere.

Any groups or programs you're apart of that you want readers to know more about.

First off I'd like to give a massive shout out to my boys with Frawdulent Media! Those guys are my brothers in the photo world and I love each one of em! Also a big shout to my boy Supereon at Stay Humble Production for giving me and other artists a platform for our work! And of course all my loving friends who have helped me get where I am today.

Social media links

Instagram: @codybrycethomas, Facebook: @CBTPhotos

What do you like about the brand? 

An easier question to answer would be what I don't like. The answer to that though is Nothing. Everything about Originate speaks deeply to me. The brand is all about working hard, hustling, and doing what makes you YOU! That is fantastic to me. On top of that Pandas are my all time favorite animal so naturally I latched onto this brand pretty quick. Im humbled and full of joy to be a part of something I personally find so fantastic.

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