Meet Our Brand Ambassador Jay Triiiple | Losers Table

What makes you an Originator?

I definitely set more trends than I follow and start more movements than I go along with. I was never able to fully fit in with other crowds so I learned how to be ok with being myself and doing my own thing. I'm a rebel and I go against the grain any time I can. I definitely sit at the Loser's Table and I make the less popular things cool to do.

Tell us a little bit about what you do :).

I write and I rap. I'm a Hip Hop artist based in Denver, CO just trying to make a name for myself and my team and spread my message to the world.

Any groups or programs you're apart of that you want readers to know more about.

Shoutout to Loser's Table and Rap Chicks Do Rap Shit. I am the CEO of Loser's Table and we're a music group but we have our hands in a few other projects as well. Be on the look out for us because we have an entire movement that the world is catching on to! And just be on the lookout for Rap Chicks Do Rap Shit. You're going to start seeing us female emcee's making some big moves real soon. ;)

Social media links: 
Twitter: @jaytriiiple 
Instagram: @jaytriiiple 
Snapchat: @jaytriiiple

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  • shaeBOOGIE

    I love it, I love it!!! Triiiple making moves! #LsUP!!!

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