Meet Our Brand Ambassador Rascal Randi | Beat Freaks Crew

What makes you an Originator?
As a freestyler, I constantly strive to find original choices and movements within the foundation I have been taught. It has always been my goal that if you see only my silhouette while dancing, you would immediately be able to recognize it is me based solely off my movement.
Tell the readers a little bit about what you do :)
I am a professional dancer living and working in Los Angeles. I am both a part of the underground freestyle battle world, and the commercial industry world. I do hip hop, bgirling, house, freestyle and choreography. Anything from a late night all styles battle to a music video, to touring Japan in a hip hop theatre show.
Any groups or programs you're apart of that you want readers to know more about.
I am a part of the Beat Freaks Crew, a crew of ten woman empowering females worldwide! I am the newest member added (they haven't added anyone in 5 years, and have only added two others since they formed over 10 years ago). We are all about strong females who jump in and get down and dirty alongside the boys on the dance floor! The Beat Freaks were finalists in ABDC Season 3 (before my time). I am also a part of The Janes and Street Styles, two crews based in Colorado! Additionally, though not related to dance, I volunteer for a non profit called I Pour Life and have traveled to Ethiopia with them. It is a Women's empowerment organization that works with woman with leprosy and HIV, teaching them trade skills and life skills to get them and their families back on their feet. I will be going back to Ethiopia at the end of September!
Social media links
IG : @rascalrandi FB: Randi Fleckenstine YouTube: Randi Fleckenstine

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