Originate Clothing Jukebox Vol.2

Playlists are the new black, or at the very least a dope opportunity for music lovers to listen to a mash-up of tunes with diverse artists. Originate Clothing head honcho Branden Whitfield has an ear for music that’s as nuanced as his designs. He put me onto Smino a while back and his suggestions haven’t steered me wrong since. It was a natural progression to put together another playlist of indie artists from Denver and the “Originate Clothing Denver Juke Box Vol.2” won’t disappoint.

Swift 5280 opens the tape with the Doobie Newton assisted “Break Away,” a track about doing what you’ve got to do to break the chains of one’s environment. Doobie’s hook here is brilliantly paced. Connor Ray, of course is a major highlight with “Lil Bam Bam,” and Connor is easily out-rapping so many people with his impressive flow minus any profanity. Not an easy feat, for sure, you should probably listen to “Lil Bam Bam” twice. The 24 track playlist highlights production from NZA with Leona Harper on vocals followed by a wildly excellent track called “Panties Clean” featuring Koo Qua and A’Dula. This joint is tightly produced and Koo Qua comes out the gate with the hammer. Bold rap chicks “chopping metaphors and similes,” you can’t beat that notion. The song’s reference is a throw to the line in Spike Lee’s joint “Crooklyn” and you’ll recognize it right away.

We love Fresh Crew and the track “Wanna Be” features Jay Triiiple on her second appearance on the Jukebox playlist. Check for her “Chill Bill” remix and if you break out into applause, we’ll totally understand. Fan favorite Dante “ThatGuy” has two offerings that prove why his swag has massive longevity. His rhymes over Sango’s production on “Do it Like” is vibrant and refreshing. Trev Rich comes in with the wham with two tracks from “To Make a Long Story Short” via “Stay That Way” and “Boys Don’t Cry,” giving the second half of the playlist a mainstream appeal. Ray Lyle, Ramond and DJ Zenas round out the impressive project with their distinctive verses and sound. Originate Clothing is for the hustler’s, the dreamers and the go-getters. The Juke Box Vol. 2 highlights artists who are going for the gusto without thinking twice. Do What Defines You. Let this playlist be your soundtrack.

By: Ru Johnson (Roux Black)

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