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What makes you an Originator?
Originator - A person who creates or initiates something. That’s it right there! I was born in Aurora, CO in the 90s and all I have are wonderful memories of Aurora and Denver as a whole. When I was at the very early stages of my career, my colleagues knew to our fullest extent that we wanted to create an atmosphere in which individuals could thrive in the areas that are passionate in, aka ‘originators’. The initial vision pertained to forming an authentic, upbeat hip-hop culture in Colorado which we could then sprout to show the world. There are no limits.
What do you do?
I deal with the music industry. Musical artist & recording engineer, Radio CEO, A&R & DJ, video and graphics editor. I am a creator. To reiterate, there are no limitations to what we are capable of. I strongly believe that if you are passionate about something and work hard at it - whether that’s painting, sports, music, fashion, you will succeed. The world is one gigantic network of divisions and divisions and divisions of opportunities to be taken hold of. Question is, which one is for you?
What inspires what you do?
People, musical artists, going out and living life are all inspiration to me. Simply eating good food, or taking a nice hot shower after a long days work inspire me because it is all human. We are here to love and experience the world in all it’s happiness and horror. I love my career and what I do so much because it allows me to capture my own human experience and share it with others. That’s what it’s about!
Any groups or programs you're apart of that you want readers to know more about.
Like I said above, I own a radio station along with my life long friend and brother, Ty Til Infinity. We are on SoundCloud at the moment so any artists out there want FREE exposure to an audience around the world hit us up! All genres welcome.
Follow him at: Instagram - @drinkmoreh20 | Twitter - @drinkmoreh2oh | SoundCloud - @drinkmoreh2o

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